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Jalaranjani DVD or Blue Ray

DVD/Blue Ray
The Moods of Water

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Blue-Ray (Single Disc): $25

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“Jalaranjani ~ The Moods of Water,” is a choral concert composed by Rita Sahai and performed by her multi-age Vasundhara Choir and distinguished Bay Area musicians on November 21, 2015 at the Smith Center Theatre of Ohlone College in Fremont CA. Please see the Vasundhara page for full info on the concert.

Geetambardhara Book Cover

“Songs of Sky and Earth”

$27.29, Sale Price: $22.50

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This book contains the
Hindustani Choir Compositions for
“Vasundhara ~ Ode to Mother Earth”
“Celestial Celebration ~ Navagraha Utsav”
Also included are Nirankari Bhajan Compositions of Saint Kabir Das and Guru Nanakji.Many of Rita’s students have been requesting such a book so that her compositions will not be lost.144 spiral bound pages include musical notation, Illustrations, explanations of the ragas, Devanagiri script, and English translations.

Celestial Celebration ~ Navagraha Utsav

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An offering of classical Hindustani ragas in praise of the Universe. Following on the heels of her 2008 choir concert Vasundhara dedicated to Mother Earth, Rita Sahai composed a concert in praise of the Universe, represented by the nine celestial influences or planets of ancient Vedic astrology called nava graha. Please see Vasundhara page for full info on the concert

Vasundhara –
World Premier Recital

$20, Sale Price: $15

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A DVD of the World Premier Recital presented by Rita Sahai and her students on October 1, 2008: a Hindustani Choir of 40 singers of all ages, plus guest musicians. Please see Vasundhara page for full info on the concert

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